Revolutionize your trade with Loqsea.

What would you do if you had more time outside the menial tasks of the commodity trade? Loqsea is a platform that helps traders manage commodity risk. It connects the interface to your essential data, running calculations and automating tasks in an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard.

Why use Loqsea?

Loqsea is a platform that specializes in real-time commodity derivatives, calculating live profit and loss so you can keep your finger on the pulse of the market. Enjoy a better way to view your risk report with filters that categorize every aspect of trades, facilitating better decision-making through faster and more comprehensive data. But what makes Loqsea stand out from the other commodity trading platforms out there?

Key features of the platform:

Loqsea offers many features that give traders and organizations a step ahead in managing commodity risk. The platform includes:

  • Live connections to commodity exchanges
  • Real-time capture of data and calculations of profit and loss
  • Stream live prices and product information to the trading platform
  • Beat overcharges with automated cost management
  • Minimize time reconciling position with automated middle and back-office processes
  • Keep on top of brokerage bills.

Enjoy one of the most powerful platforms in the commodities markets, safe, secure, and scalable.

Case Study 1

Sonas Commodities

“We have used Loqsea over the last five or so years. Having used several other risk systems over the years, I can confidently say that this is the best.”

Loqsea is a platform suited to businesses like Sonas Commodities, where commodity risk management is a core part of the operation. The customizable and powerful functionality has delivered cleaner, better data in real-time to help make decisions and spearhead more streamlined trades.


  • Efficient and reliable real-time risk and PNL have saved the company money
  • Quick implementation of custom features tailored to the business
  • Loqsea helps catch and minimize errors
  • There was mistrust in the company’s risk systems before Loqsea.

The Problem Before

Sonas Commodities has been using various risk systems to manage commodities for over five years. However, the company found that even though these platforms promised to deliver reliable data, many errors caused significant financial losses. There wasn’t one trustworthy enough to present accurate data in real-time.

The Loqsea Solution

We implemented our platform to help Sonas Commodities better picture real-time risk and PNL, including complete reconciliation of trading costs. Every suggestion presented by the team to help streamline their operation, we implemented the feature into the platform, customizing the functionality to the team’s needs.

How the Platform Has Helped

Sonas Commodities now saves much more money and minimizes errors due to implementing Loqsea into their business systems. We delivered on our promise of the most reliable real-time risk and PNL to drive growth and better trading results.

Case Study 2

[Unnamed company]

“Automated position reconciliations saved us time in the morning and allowed us to focus on markets early in the morning.”

Loqsea is all about bringing more time back into the hands of commodity traders. The platform’s high level of automation takes care of all middle and back-office admin work processes. These include straightforward position reconciliation and allow teams to redistribute efforts to focus on the markets rather than other tasks.


  • Loqsea has made managing day-to-day operations of the business more efficient
  • Time saved from automated position reconciliations
  • Present real risk by connecting to various exchanges and trading platforms
  • Our blotter with auto-matching functionality accelerates voice trading and facilitates end-of-day reconciliations

The Problem Before

The connectivity with other trading platforms and exchanges presented more risks, as data in the portfolio was not in real-time. These issues put a burden on the more effective management of day-to-day operations, where there was too much time reviewing data to reconcile positions more accurately.

The Loqsea Solution

Loqsea integrated the solution into the business to provide a more efficient connection to the platforms and exchanges used by the trading team. The implemented features focused on helping the company amalgamate its core operations in a central location to help automate more menial tasks and save time and money.

How the Platform Has Helped

Loqsea remedied all the connectivity issues and has substantially minimized real risk in the company’s portfolios. Furthermore, the automated position reconciliation and brokerage tool helped keep on top of bills and end-of-day data.